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Storage Bags for Breast Milk: Why you will love them!

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Storage Bags for Breast Milk: Why you will love them!

How should you store your breast milk?


Bottles? Containers? Breast milk storage bags?


For so many reasons we think that you should be using milk storage bags for your breast milk.


The fact is, your breast milk is liquid gold, right? You've taken precious time to express and get a stash that is full of nutritious greatness to feed to your baby so the obvious next step is to keep this liquid gold safe and secure. A good storage solution will do this, avoiding disasters and literally crying over spilt milk.

So keep reading to find out why our Easy Store breast milk storage bags will make your life a whole lot easier. 


  1. They are designed specifically for storing breastmilk. They are pre-sterilized and BPA free, thick and durable and have a neutral odour and taste. No nasties, no contamination, safe and secure.
  2. They have a double zip closure so you don't have to worry about leaking. Honestly- don't overfill past the 180ml line and you will be leak-free!  
  3. Freezer real estate is HIGH. We know that finding space in the freezer is tricky when you're competing with frozen peas, endless streams of semi brown bananas waiting for those smoothies you always forget to make and the Kapiti Salted Caramel and Cashew (if you haven't tried this, you must!) So get this- Easy Store bags can be stacked into the smallest of spaces so that you can go ahead and buy that other tub of icecream.


So, what are you waiting for- pop some milk storage bags in your shopping cart and see for yourself how great they really are.