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4 months ago-
I purchased the Calypso single and later upgraded it to a double. I find it easy to break down for cleaning and reassemble for use. I was also surprised by the vacuum strength and subsequent yield for such a compact, quiet personal pump. Great price too!
Erika Kim
5 months ago-
I have been using Ardo Calypso for 2 months now and I love it. It is so quiet, I can use it anytime without worrying about waking up the baby. It is compact and convenient too. I would definitely use Ardo again when I have my second baby 😀
6 months ago
Absolutely LOVE our Ardo Pump. Not only is it super easy to use it is so quiet for those 3am pumps that don't wake anybody up. ;) Really easy to clean and handle including the hand pump that was easy enough to pop into my handbag. YES YES YES!! I highly recommend this brand. :)
3 months ago
I have used the hospital grade breast pumps by medela in hospital 3 weeks postpartum and brought the calypso electric double pump a few days later and it has been just as effective and very convenient to use, it all depends on your milk supply, not as quiet as I thought it would but good value for money and high quality.
7 months ago
I've been using the Calypso Double Breast Pump for some time now and honestly don't know what I would have done without it!! It's extremely easy to use, easy to clean and efficient at getting the job done! I have also turned to my pump a few times I have found a blocked duct and I believe the pump has meant I have avoided getting mastitis. Highly reccomend it! Thanks Ardo!!
7 months ago-
I have been using the Calypso breast pump for 8 months now and would never go back to what I was using beforehand. It is so compact and mobile, and super quiet!! I get more milk out than with what I was previously using too. Can not reccomend enough!